As I have said earlier you should not use this system as an each and every occasion provider of appointments until such time as you become really familiar with it so I am going to ask you to adopt the FIVE routine – one which I have always used and never needed to change or exceed. You are only going to make five appointment calls per week YES JUST FIVE! Your ultimate objective from these five calls is TWO APPOINTMENTS


Write a personal letter to JUST FIVE of the companies you have selected. The letter must do a number of things. It must:-

  • be addressed to the MD/CEO by name PERSONALLY
  • say who you are and “where you are coming from”
  • indicate an understanding of the client’s situation
  • contain an interesting opportunity

At the back are two sample letters for you to copy or modify as you wish.. When you have read it re-write it to suit your own style, background and comfort level. Decide which clients will receive a copy and keep a record. You will change it from time to time and this will show you which is the most successful. These letters are not “written in stone” and you should try different angles from time to time.

Use only the best quality paper and envelopes – for those in the UK I always use Conqueror cream. As you type the envelope type PERSONAL in the top left hand corner of the envelope. (If you use Word this is easily achieved by making “PERSONAL” the sender’s address when using the Word envelope programme.)

A word of caution here. Sometimes the name in the directory is out of date so I always call the company first, tell them I have to address a letter to the MD, and just ask them to confirm his name.

Now a personal point. I ALWAYS SIGN MY LETTERS WITH A FOUNTAIN PEN AND INK. This is your choice but I feel it has a more personal and professional touch, which is part of what you are trying to achieve.


In the UK I always use FIRST CLASS POST on a Thursday morning. However, the objective is to have the letter in the hands of the client for the following Monday morning at the very latest. DO NOT TRY TO EMAIL THIS LETTER. You are a professional advisor and letters re-affirm your professional status.


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