Do not plan from the outset to secure all your appointments in this traditional  way, our objective is to get into the habit of securing two appointments each week or as and when required. Use my programme to build up your appointments and above all improve your skills in securing those appointments – and you will.

Never forget that networking is one of the best ways of securing additional business and when you speak to a prospect you are, in effect, speaking on behalf of an organization with an enormous breadth of skills, years and years of hands-on experience and a maturity of approach. These are exactly the qualities that an SME needs if he has a problem. You are not on the telephone just for yourself in isolation but representing all your colleagues and their potential. They greatly re-enforce your status.

Accordingly, I have decided to produce a simple guide that can be used by BBB consultants the world over to secure their own appointments cost effectively and above all in a way so as to produce profitable business. In essence it is a condensation of the Securing Your Own Appointments Training Course. Naturally a book does not give you the opportunity to ask questions but I hope to have answered these in the text. Any additional questions that occur to you please email to me and I shall endeavor to reply promptly.

The very real pleasure and satisfaction one gets from completing a client business transaction having secured the appointment oneself is outstanding and never equaled by purchased appointments.

“In selling as in medicine, prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.”

The system.

The OBJCTIVE: to secure face to face meetings with two prospective clients per week or as and when required:

  • In the right industry
  • In the right place
  • With someone with whom you have already spoken
  • With problems of which you are partially already aware
  • At minimal and controlled cost

At first this seems a pretty tall order but the system that follows will enable you to achieve these objectives.

The key thing to remember in this system is that that you are using a rifle to “snipe” your targets and not a shotgun to scatter your shot over a broad area. You do not want a host of potential clients to call cold but a select few who are already slightly warm.

At this point some of you will say, “No way am I calling clients to whom I have never spoken before”. Don’t harbor that thought for a moment because by the time you have read and digested this manual that will not be a problem and will fall into the category of “why on earth did I feel that way?”


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