The picture of results via demonstration

You might not be able to give them results, so you want to give them the picture of it. This can be done via demonstration where you show how others have achieved that success or by roadmap of how to get there.

So maybe a seasoned professional can tell you a story of his experiences, what he learned and how it was easier than he thought and have them tell the story. People will then step into the story with them. People imagine themselves in the story with them.

Show the schematics of how everything really work and by doing so people visualize themselves achieving same results.

But you MUST Deliver:

  1. Results in advance or
  2. The picture of results via demonstration

John Carlton’s easiest way to sell stuff ever: 3 easy steps! FOLLOW THESE RULES!

Step: 1: Here’s what I got

Step 2: Here’s what it’ll do for you

Step 3: Here’s what I want you to do next

You can muck up the sales copy with unnecessary filler that no one cares about – don’t!

These 3 deceptively simple components can be used like this: DO THIS & make money!!!

Step: 1: Here’s what I got

  • You can actually come straight out and just say this in your marketing.
  • For example, did for Paid for Life seminar – started by saying – Here’s what I got! Then carry on with the rest of the letter

Step 2: Here’s what it’ll do for you

  • You can actually come straight out again and just say this in your marketing.

Step 3: Here’s what I want you to do next

  • Yep – you can actually come out and say this
  • This is what saves you from the part most people RUIN – (the close)
  • 99% of the sales letters are messed up in the close. They aren’t aggressive and blunt, and give them good solid reasons why – just get to the point and don’t be afraid to tell them what to do next.

So what happened in the video was that there was a demonstration of what results could look like via demonstration.

He shows something tangible, the 3 step formula, but also shows how he implements it in real life to achieve great results. This helps on 2 levels.

So what’s gonna happen is they say – damn – I want more – I want this outcome too!

No-one will watch this and not want to do this!

Content has to serve a purpose, it has to help people and has to bring them closer to their goal or show them what it is they want to achieve. They have to see how your stuff can help them move closer to their goals.

Genuinely help people!

We are about to see the content in the sneak attack video – the point here was to get people to opt in!

The triangle of trust revealed!triangle

Put a video on your blog endorsing the thing you are selling with your sales letter.

Component 1: the video

Video has high perceived value especially outside the IM market.

So sending an email link about a video has a higher perceived value than a report.

Whenever you have a communication with your list and you are asking them to take action, there has to be some form of a bribe. The presence of video in itself can be this bribe.

In the video you have to promise a result blog

“ I put a new video on my blog (not website) that shows  you how to x,y,z. It gives you the inside story about x,y,z “

Component 2: The blog

This deals with psychology. People still see blogs as a place to get news, they are under the radar when it comes to being a selling mechanism.

People who hear the word blog in the message will click through to the site, rather than the people who are told to click through to the website.

So the combination of the video bribe and the blog is a double marketing whammy which is under the radar.

Component 3: Sales letter

The video needs to be very good and have a reference or have something to do with what you are selling for this to work.

So if you are selling a course on email marketing – use a title for your video “ The 7 ways I have found to really work in email marketing”

“Incidentally there’s a great course on email marketing and you can see it on this blog.”

Blog page set up

blog setup

Copy: Email marketing is great blah blah – here are some strategies on how to do better. By the way if you want to know more about email marketing you can click on the link below this video and go check out more about x,y,z. I highly recommend it. I think it’s wonderful I’d love to have your feedback on it. See you later.

The video needs to be 95% content and 5% pitch.

Because of the triangle of trust the people are already predisposed to liking and trusting you and thinking you are awesome, because you have given them a video which in itself is of high perceived value, you put it on a blog which are still thought of as a non-sales environment.

If you do this you will rise above the noise in the market place and gets the attention and gets them to do stuff and command their action which leads to money.

Never make a video without knowing the intended and desired outcome and

Our final step is to ask for this and make it happen.

Step 3 Call to action

This is the most important and also the easiest – luckily.

Never end a video without some sort of call to action.

Opt in option 1

“I really hope you enjoyed this video, I had a great time making it for you, now here’s something I’d like you to do. You’ll notice on the page, right here on the left there’s going to be a little opt-in link. Now I have something really special for you on the other side. I have actual …(footage of ninja cats) It’s amazing, you are absolutely going to love it. And you can have it totally free. And I have another surprise video for you (involving a hamster an 3 goats) that I am going to show you for free, just enter your email address and tell me where to send the video’s because they are yours. Until next time. I’ll see you later.”

Opt in option 2

“ Now listen, if this was really helpful to you, then you are really going to love BOSS Business Boost and here’s why. BBB shows you and walks you through the easy yet formulated way to turn random internet strangers into friends, then into fans and then into lifelong  customers and information into business acumen to create a successful consultancy practice to help set you up for life. It shows you how to do this in a way that’s very friendly and genuinely helpful to other people. Now if that’s something you’d like to do for your business, whether you have started or consultancy practice or not, then go ahead and take advantage of this one time limited offer right now. Here’s the deal… “{Now you pitch.}


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