“ As you know BBB has sold several thousand times for 1199 dollars. Now lots of people have found that either out of their price range or a little bit too big an investment that they want to do right now. SO here’s something I’m gonna do for you, something I rarely do. I’d like to, just for you, split the cost of BBB up into 10 payment of 197 dollars each. And all you have to do right now is make your first payment of 197 dollars and I will rush you BBB. If you like it – fantastic, I will bill you the rest of the payments on a monthly basis. If you don’t like it, let me know, send back whatever part you didn’t like and keep everything else and I’ll never bill you again.

And I’ll give you a refund. Now I want you to consider this: what’s the worst thing that could happen right now? You could get BBB, you could go through the whole course and you say, ah, I don’t know, I didn’t really like it and you send back a cd cover or the manual or whatever part you didn’t like, you get a refund You have the entire course free. Hey, you could maybe regift it, I’m quoting Seinfeld and you have a Christmas gift for someone, or maybe you get benefit from it years down the line. Either way, it’s totally cool with me. That’s the worst case scenario.

The best case scenario is you’re going to uncover a formula so powerful that it is literally responsible for 10’s of millions of dollars across multiple clients used by celebrities, used by famous authors, used by people in the make money niche all the way down to the health niche to the dog training all the way down to the play guitar niche. A very proven systematic formula for increasing your sales online without ever crossing the line from friend to obnoxious salesperson.

That’s the best case scenario. Either way you win. So what I want you to do right now is fill in your details, tell me where to send this course and it’s yours. Just do me a favor. Use your newly found powers for good. Don’t abuse the information I’m going to give you. You have the opportunity to both help yourself, grow your business exponentially and help others in the process.

It’s up to you to make it happen. I’ll see you soon.”

This is how you ask for the action. There’s no formula. Just ask for the call to action.

Tell them what to do. People want this, that’s why they follow gurus. Your job now is to genuinely help people.

Call to action: The nice guy approach

It works great for nice people – but you do have to be genuinely nice for it to work.

Triangle of trust – give good content and make people for themselves and make sure that product is good. Don’t do full triangle every time, otherwise it loses its efficiency.

“Now listen, if you’ve enjoyed this content and you like this kind of stuff please enter your name and email address somewhere on the site wherever I might have put the box, I made the video before building the website and I will send you a 297$ newsletter previously only seen by my elite coaching students who pay 297 a month that goes into greater detail about this stuff and also shows you some great examples. Now why would I do that? There is a reason why. I want to sell you something obviously. I want to relaunch mass control on date… I have very limited copies there’s a big waiting list. Now regardless of whether or not you want that, you should get on the list and get this newsletter, because its’ excellent. Its 100% content. I’ve just gone through my archives and I got this newsletter that I gave to my customers that walked them through this process and because they will get results and they’ll be more likely to buy my stuff. Makes sense. Also after you opt in you’ll get some rare unseen seminar footage and the only people who saw this footage gave me 2 grand and are my students.

So that’s another reason to opt in. I certainly enjoyed making this video for you, as I enjoy making all these videos for you. Now get to work and make some money. Now use this technique. See you.”

Recap: These are the 3 steps to making a video.

Step 1 – Pattern Interrupt

Step 2 – content delivery

Step 3 – Call to action


for lasting long enduring success you have to constantly provide value.

These are 5 pillars to provide value and bond to your list.

The 5 pillars of kindness

  1. To know their desired outcome. Know your market and where they want to go, what they want to accomplish and understand how to actually help them and then actually help them. That is where the money is – actually helping them.
  2. Overcome their skepticism with shock & awe coolness by giving them stuff to help them move toward their desired outcome. There are so many fraudsters online that people are afraid to order online. Understand that people will be skeptical. Using shock & awe coolness means that when someone comes into a funnel and joins a list is because they want to get one or many steps closer to their ultimate desire and outcome. The best thing we can do is to demonstrate we can help them via shock & awe coolness i.e. by putting your best foot forward. So maybe give stuff away so they can apply it immediately. I.e. 4 day cash giveaways. Since we get paid in direct proportion to the value people perceive from us, this is a direct example of the benefit of giving away great value stuff to increase your own value.If you give away valuable stuff right up front you will be compensated for it.
  3. Demonstrate that they can achieve their outcome. The biggest problem in our community is the self-doubt voice which sabotages the plans and ambitions. So the people want to move one or more steps forward, and the voice of self-doubt holds them back, so prove to them they can do it. SO show stories of past successes with the same situation and outcome.
  4. Don’t just show them, but give them the tools up front. Tools that people can put to work right now and make money or have some form of success. This generates goodwill and sales. So contemplate what tools you have to give away to help them to move forward.
  5. This is where people go wrong – we need to sell. Motivate people to go further “As you can tell by the stuff I’ve just shared with you and the tools that I have given you that you can do this. And I have something that I think will really help accelerate your results …” Make an offer kindly, give them a good reason to take action quickly and give a rock solid guarantee.

If you do this consistently with your customers and list best interest in mind and genuinely offer value to the market place you can and will be extremely successful and you don’t have to have a giant list to do this.

Simple equation 

Help people and then offer to sell them stuff to be able to help them even more.

Wrap up your pitch by saying, ” even if you don’t end up getting list control, but I sincerely hope this video helped you.”

You can still do cool stuff with a cheap camera. Sky is the limit, technology is not the limit.

So use this – and when you do, you will notice a good spike in your income.

The single best and most effective “closing technique” is to be absolutely excellent at what you do …and then demonstrate that ability to qualified prospects …helping them experience some of the results of working with you in advance of the “sale”.

Do that right and “selling” becomes a non-issue.

One of the critical differentiators here is to ensure that your message in front qualified people.



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