There’s nothing to the 3 step formula.

But you have to be comfortable in front of the camera! Stay loose.

You can imagine you are looking at the face of your best friend and talk to him/her and have fun.

3 steps to cool videos

  1. Pattern interrupt
  2. Content delivery
  3. CTA – call to action

Pattern interrupt by controlling their focus. Ask them a question. Sets you up for the payoff – so people benefit from you.

Talk about them and their desired outcome more than you talk about their desires. Show them what desired outcome looks like and what they need to do to get there.

The how to get them education is the payoff for the viewer.

Before you go all gung-ho on putting a video together you want to be crystal clear on the one thing you want your video to accomplish.

You either want to get someone to opt-in to your list, sell a product or a service, or just show up, be cool, and offer something valuable to them. What is the purpose of the video?

  1. To make a sale
  2. To pre-sell or pre-frame an affiliate offer
  3. To generate anticipation for a launch
  4. You get an opt-in or register for a webinar

You need to ask for that action. You can’t just ask, you need to give a beneficial reason why they need to take that action and why they need to do it now!

Step 1 – Pattern Interrupt

This is the first thing you need to do. It’s an NLP term – it breaks a normal thought pattern and activity pattern.  We all have set ways i.e. morning routines and everything else.

We need to break the pattern and throw the viewer off balance so they become more open to our suggestions.

So in IM a patterns interrupt

  1. flies under the radar and disarms defenses

So someone is watching a video online, in IM context, the prospect will probably consciously be thinking oh here’s another one of these and it’s all crap another sales pitch … blabla

Especially when it’s not pre-framed.

This is a way of getting someone’s mind compliant before they see it. So for e.g. saying I thought this was the stupidest video in the world until about 3 minutes in when I spontaneously burst into tears and I am embarrassed to say this is profound and I think it is really going to help you,.

So we want to catch them off guard and change their state into something they want to see.

Use humor, entertainment but not to be funny. Sole purpose of pattern interrupt in to disarm

  1. Not be funny or be cute.

Do something unexpected and what others are not doing.

IM sneak attack – 3 pattern interrupts – to disarm ex 1

  1. Humour
  2. Movement
  3. Plot line

Step 2 content delivery

Cannot just make content for the hell of it. Every aspect of the video has to be geared towards your desired outcome. Either to opt-in to your list, sell a product or a service, or just show up, be cool, and offer something valuable to them.

  1. Know your purpose.

So selling “How to play guitar” don’t talk about music theory.

Structure the content properly.

  1. Deliver:
  2. Results in advance
  3. The picture of results via demonstration

Why do people want to do this? To impress others.

So the best thing we can deliver is quick results in advance. How to get them from point A to B – these are real results. This leaves them wanting more.


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