I love what you said, etc I .can see you being alive and lit up. I just feel like taking your hand. I hear that you said it was financially not possible for you to work with me… Do you mind if we explore this further? And let me tell you it is not about signing me as a coach, since there are wonderful free resources I can give you. But here is the most importantly thing, it’s that you see that there is disconnect here. You see, there is disconnect here, you say that this is very important to you and yet you are not willing to spend the money. You tell me that this is the most important thing and yet you are not willing to take action. And if you are not willing to invest your time, money and energy into what is most important to you, I wonder if it is that important to you. Here’s one thing I know at the end of this conversation you are going to go back to your life. You are going to go back to your patterns and 1 day will pass, 2 days 3 months will pass and nothing will have changed. And I know that 3 months from now you don’t want to be in the same place.

Take a stand by being silent….. Let them take it in…


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